May 20 until June 21 2015
9.00 - 24.00 has found new ways to associate culture and commerce. This year 16 stores and cultural institutions will put their windows, spaces and digital billboards at the disposal of 27 video artists for a video art tour that runs between the fairgrounds, the marketplace, Aeschenvorstadt, and St. Jacob’s Stadium. The videos and everyday life are brought in a reciprocal relationship that necessarily affects our perception of each. For a month, will become an immaterial feature of the city and a catalyst for unexpected encounters. 

A wonderful variety of works and many new productions could be created this year thanks to the generous support of two major partners: the Carola und Günther Ketterer-Ertle collection in Bern and the Geneva University of Art and Design.
The Carola and Günther Ketterer-Ertle collection contributed impressive works from its large fund of videos and initiated two new productions: the image cycle of Dominik Stauch displayed on the digital billboard on St. Jacob’s Tower and the store window designed by Diana Dodson for GLOBUS Basel. Advertising and consumption combine to generate a creative friction.
Art Students of the HEAD – Geneva were inspired by the variety of spaces in the café unternehmen mitte to create five new videos that will be shown there.
In addition to this, Yann Chateigné, dean of the department of visual arts, selected videos from graduates of the HEAD – Geneva for the digital billboard of the Congress Center. His choice concerns urban life in the field of tension between the city and the individual. Pro Innerstadt Basel welcomes its visitors and promises many memorable images.